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Voice Trading Solutions

How can banks and financial institutions address demand for increased competitiveness, productivity and scalability on the global trading floor? 

With the current market volatility, financial institutions are facing greater challenges to reduce operational costs and boost productivity. While they prepare and position themselves for the economic upturn, trading activity continues as firms rebalance their portfolio to invest in the right asset class and hedge themselves against the market volatility, which results in an increased transaction volume.

For this reason, the investment on technology in the trading room has become even more critical for firms wanting to improve efficiency and develop a competitive edge. Specifically in the area of trading floor optimisation, firms are exploring ways to standardise existing technology for more effective trader communication and to expand globally or regionally with minimal increase in cost.

A new trend has emerged among firms as they shift away from proprietary TDM voice technology and start building voice platforms using more pervasive IP networking technology, which is the common infrastructure for most financial institutions.

 The Voice Trading System allows traders to:

  • Accelerate multi-tasking with dual handsets and displays
  • Rapidly prioritize high-value calls with the multi-line display with float keys
  • Easily cover calls to other traders  within your team
  • Instantly access key trading partners with one-touch dialing

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