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Marine Phone Systems

At Kingdom we specialise in Marine phone systems, PBX / PABX / telephone exchanges for ships.

Marine Phone SystemsOver the years we worked to understand marine vessels and their needs, enabling us to offer a tailored solution that meets your specific requirements. We understand the unique needs and challenges of operating in the marine sector, challenges like remaining competitive while keeping costs under control and ensuring that today's investment will serve for many years to come.

Mitel solutions help business achieve these goals around the world and by using Kingdom as your service and support arm we’ll keep you fully maintained and updated with modern telecommunications technology in the ever demanding Military and Commercial Marine sectors.

Our Marine Phone System Solution:

  • A modular system which is expandable as your business expands
  • A mix of IP and digital handsets to enable flexible working approach and ease of use
  • Can reuse existing analogue wiring for reuse of existing handsets or replace handset only with new digital handsets
  • Can use IP handsets, including ones specifically designed for marine use in cabins, with single cable for power, telephony and data services such as cabin internet access or IPTV
  • Wide range IP-DECT handsets, including ruggedized
  • Better call information with Phone Manager PC dialling software
  • Auto attendant, voice mail, phone broadcasts & call recording features
  • Integrates with Ship's main broadcast system, Primary Communications, Ship's alarm management platform & Ship-Alongside Systems
  • Allows low cost calls over the mobile GSM network when in sight of shore or in dock, provides for the use of analogue shore lines in dock
  • Integrates with civilian or military satellite communications systems
  • Can use Basic or Primary Rate ISDN trunks as well as IP trunks over satellite or mobile broadband
  • Uses marine cabling practices for reliability and safety
  • Utilises reliable rack based hardware and power management as developed for and installed on RFA vessels
  • Kingdom have identified key software improvements and have worked with Mitel development to get these improvements delivered in to the Mitel product line.

Kingdom provide fully accredited, qualified and security cleared staff experienced in working on ships whilst in service or in refit to provide you with a turn-key solution with the minimum of disruption and transit you seamlessly into a fully tailored 24/7 support package, supportable worldwide through Mitel. 

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