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Video Conferencing Solutions

A New experience in video conferencing by connecting remote participants in a real-time collaborative environment that can rival or exceed what is readily achieved through face-to-face communications.

Our focus is on the collaborative experience – to us, telecollaboration is more than just video telepresence. With our solution, not only can you meet “in person” with people hundreds or thousands of miles away, you can share and collectively edit documents, presentations, files and more.

  • Provides an alternative to business travel – reducing costs and driving a strong return on investment (ROI)
  • Enables faster decision-making and more effective resolution of business problems
  • Improves employee productivity within geographically-disparate work groups
  • Enhances communication with between employees, customers and business partners

Product Key Features

  • Natural Experience: Life-size interaction through HD video and immersive, spatial wide-band audio.
  • Simplicity of Use: Instantly establish sessions at the touch of a button on a phone, or by a simple click of a mouse – it is as simple and natural as making a telephone call.
  • Network Optimization: Video streams are delivered over considerably lower bandwidths – considerably reducing network load and the costs.
  • Beyond the Meeting Room: Participation is not restricted to dedicated point-to-point meeting rooms or executive offices – employees, customers and partners can join video-centric meetings right from their desktop.
  • Let’s Talk Green: Decreases the need for business travel – reduced costs, a fast return on your investment and a reduced company carbon footprint.  


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