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We offer the hospitality solutions by Mitel and AEI communication products

Mitel deliver advanced communications that enhance the guest experience, improve customer service, and optimize operational productivity and costs. The foundation of these solutions starts with Mitel IP communications applications and platforms.

From small hotels, to some of the world’s most famous luxury establishments, Mitel provides communications solutions that are:


  • Simple: Guest services are at the heart of MiVoice Business. Hospitality features are presented as an integrated part of console and telephone user interfaces to minimize training and ensure staff are always aware of guest needs.
  • Integrated: Benefit from integrated capabilities focused on improving guest services and increasing staff productivity, including auto attendant, recorded announcements, voicemail , and automatic call distribution.
  • Flexible: Implement traditional or IP communications with one easy to manage platform that integrates with commonly used property management systems, hospitality applications, and guest room telephones.
  • Cost effective: Reduce costs and simplify support with a solution you can move between “site by site” private and public cloud solutions – without having to make a major reinvestment in your communications solution.

About Mitel: www.mitel.com

AEI Communications is a US-based producer of communications systems for the hospitality and cruise line industries. As technology evolves, AEI Communications is fully prepared to satisfy current and future hotel and cruise line telephony requirements through innovation and creativity. AEI Communication offers four basic families of telephones:

  • Desktop
  • Night stand
  • Lobby / elevator landing
  • Bathroom phones

All phone is in IP and Analogue versions, in both corded and cordless designs. AEI Communication's IP and analogue product families have similar looks to ease migration from legacy analogue to IP technologies, avoiding unnecessary disruptions.

About AEI Communication: www.aeicommunications.com 

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